ASEAN - India relations: A new paradigm


ASEAN - India relations: A new paradigm

A seminar themed “ASEAN-India Relations: A New Paradigm” took place in Jakarta, Indonesia on 24th March 2016, drawing delegates from all 10 ASEAN nations and their partner countries, namely Russia, the US, Australia, New Zealand and scholars, presentatives from Institutes, Universities.

Ambassador Nguyen Hoanh Nam attended the Seminar as the head of the Vietnam delegation to ASEAN, the coordinator for ASEAN – India relation.
Speaking at the event, Indian Ambassador to ASEAN, Suresh K. Reddy, said that India has cooperated strongly with ASEAN countries in the fields of economics, trade and infrastructure. It has poured capital in building 152,000km of expressways, and has invested 140 billion USD in building railways over the next 5 years in ASEAN. 

Intensifying relations with ASEAN is the focus of India’s “Look East” policy, promulgated in 1991 and currently known as the “Act East” policy. ASEAN – India relations have grown rapidly from a sectoral dialogue partnership in 1992 to a full dialogue partnership in December 1995.

The two sides’ upgrading to a strategic partnership and their approval of a Vision Statement in 2012 marked an important road map to development, towards a sustainable relationship for peace and prosperity, he added. 

Ambassador Nguyen Hoanh Nam affirmed that ASEAN – India relations has developed positively in recent years, the two sides have established a Partnership of Comprehensive Cooperation  in all fields of politics, economy, culture and social.

ASEAN and India recently adopted the Plan of action to implement the ASEAN - India partnership (2016-2020).

Ambassador Nguyen Hoanh Nam pledged that, with its role as a coordinator for ASEAN - India relations, Vietnam will coordinate with other ASEAN nations and India to seek new measures to further develop ASEAN - India ties.

At the seminar, the participants agreed that the Plan of Action 2016-2020 adopted by the Minister of ASEAN and India on 20 December 2012 in New Delhi, India is a facility to deepen the Strategic Partnership between the two sides.

The ASEAN - India vision statement contains comprehensive cooperation contents, from economic to politics, security, cultural-social cooperation and enhanced connectivity, and building regional architecture.

Besides, at the seminar, delegates discussed challenges, opportunities, and the cooperation potential of the current ASEAN-India relations. They also suggested ways to ensure close connectivity among governments and intensify exchanges among people and businesses. 

ASEAN is now India’s fourth largest trade partner with an average annual growth of 22 percent in the past 10 years. Two-way trade reached 76.52 USD billion in 2014-2015. The Indian capital invested into ASEAN reached 38.76 USD billion in 2007-2015. (VNA)

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