PM Narendra Modi calls for sweet revolution in the country


PM Narendra Modi calls for sweet revolution in the country

AMRELI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday called upon the dairy industry to take up honey farming for bringing sweet revolution in the country on the lines of white revolution and green revolution.

Addressing a gathering at the Satkar Samellan organised here, PM Modi talked more about farmers and the coastal areas.

"Gujarat has taken a lead in Blue revolution by introducing Gogo ferry service and even for developing the ports which has enabled the local traders and industry to transport their final product," he said.

Modi also attacked Congress for not giving a national highway and a broad gauge connectivity to Amreli.

"It was only possible after I took over," the PM said.

"I will call upon the farmers to have 50 bee hive in their fields for honey production and this would give them an additional income of Rs two lakh per annum," Modi said while boosting Gujarat's success in production of honey.

The Prime Minister also announced that the central government is planning to bring a law where "farmers wouldn't require the permission of the forest department for cutting and selling timber."

"Once the law is passed, the farmers will be able grow timber along their field for additional income," he said, adding that the project of tree farming was successfully implemented in Anand when he was Gujarat CM.

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