India supports Hanoi in IT human resources tranning


India supports Hanoi in IT human resources tranning

On Sep 28, Chairman of Hanoi’s People Committee Nguyen Duc Chung met Indian Ambassador to Vietnam, Mr Harish Parvathaneni.

At the meeting, Indian Ambassador expressed the gratefulness to Hanoi authority’s support for cooperation activities between Vietnam and India during the past time. He affirmed that that support contributed remarkably to reinforce bilateral cooperation, especially in information technology.

Among those, the must-mentioned project is Vietnam-India Advanced Resource Center in Information and Communications Technology (ARC-ICT) launched in Hanoi in September 2011. The project aims to foster high-quality IT human resources for Hanoi in particular, Vietnam in general. In 2017, Indian Government approved the fund to deploy the project into phase II and Hanoi authority is on the way to implement this. Therefore, the Ambassador is in high hope that Hanoi authority would collaborate tightly with India’s Embassy in Hanoi to facilitate the project in a new phase.  
Besides, Mr Harish Parvathaneni talked about energy-saving program in a light system which Indian enterprises were about to deploy in Hanoi. At the initial stage, they hope that Hanoi authority would support and recommend one district of Hanoi to pilot replacing normal light bulbs with the LED light bulbs. “This model is applied broadly in India with the aim to ease environment pollution and head to smart city”, he pressed.
During the framework of the meeting, Ambassador Harish Parvathaneni suggested Hanoi’s Chairman lead one delegation of the capital city’s enterprises to directly seek for and expand cooperation in India.

Agreeing with proposals of the Ambassador, Chairman of Hanoi’s People Committee Nguyen Duc Chung affirmed that friendship tie between cities of Hanoi and New Delhi is among top priorities of the municipal authority, which plays as firm background for the further step in Vietnam- India relation.
Once again paying respect to Indian government of funding the second phase of ARC-ICT), Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung hopes that both sides would keep collaborating in the field information technology, training high-quality human resources in the area for Hanoi as well as Vietnam. “Hanoi would acknowledge proposals of India’s Embassy during phase II ARC-ICT Center”, Chairman of Hanoi’s People Committee said.
Pressing that Hanoi authority is focusing on building e-government and developing in smart city model, Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung expressed the hope that Indian Ambassador would continue to be the firm bridge connecting Indian enterprises with Hanoi market, especially the ones expert in energy saving, clean water, technology.
Highly appreciating projects of energy-saving projects as well as activities to expand the bilateral tie, Chairman of Hanoi’s People Committee pledged to facilitate all the related activities in Hanoi.
The Vietnam - India ARC-ICT Center, which was entirely funded by the Indian Government for the 2012-2016 period, aims at providing short-term and long-term training courses on information technology (IT) and communication; giving equipments, study documents between Vietnam and India; sending IT experts to Vietnam so as to conduct training courses; granting certificates for practitioners graduating from the Vietnam-India ARC-ICT Center. Over the past time, the Center has cooperated with relevant units to open 128 training courses with 7,427 students. The $2 million project is entirely funded by the Indian government. It is India’s biggest capacity-building project in Vietnam.
In particular, the project will organize training courses on ICT to meet modern tendencies of the market; train advanced resource in association with IT development in the world, contributing to turning information technology into a motivation in developing integration economy as well as meeting the requirement of advanced human resource to promote the cause of industrialization - modernization in the capital city.

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