To Believe in a Strong Relationship between Viet Nam and India


To Believe in a Strong Relationship between Viet Nam and India

In the International Scientific Conference “Viet Nam, ASEAN – India development cooperation: Reality and Prospect” organized by Ho Chi Minh National Academy, more than 100 Vietnamese and Indian delegates deeply analyzed and forecasted prospects of developing the traditional friendship and strategic partnership between the two countries. We cordially introduce here opinions of some Indian scholars and friends at the Conference.

Mr. G. Sharma, Chairman of Indo – Viet Nam Solidarity Committee of West Bengal State:

Uncle Ho – My Idol!

Viet Nam and Ho Chi Minh are two most popular names to Indian people. Ho Chi Minh used to be central to intelligentsia and political activists since the later half of the 20th century, especially from the 1950s to the 1970s. This is a period of the birth of many Indian papers in different languages written about Ho Chi Minh, especially in West Bengal, where there are many poetry works to applaud Uncle Ho. In fact, Viet Nam and Ho Chi Minh became a synonym phrase.

President Ho Chi Minh is a great friend of Indian people. The deep friendship between India and Viet Nam firmly founded by Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and President Ho Chi Minh was developed constantly until today. Visits of Uncle Ho to India in 1946 and 1958 left unforgettable traces and touched the hearts of Indian people. We can learn very much from experiences of Ho Chi Minh to actualize targets of independence, development and peace. Great President Ho Chi Minh is gone, but his ideal and theories is immortal. This is a heritage of humankind. 

Professor C. Naidu, University of Jawaharlal Nehru:

There are many big opportunities to promote bilateral relation:

Evaluating India – Viet Nam relation needs assessing in the context of big changes that South East Asia witness in both security and economics. We all see that, in terms of history, there is no area can attract powerhouses outside the region much like South East Asia for two reasons:

Firstly, thanks to its strategic geographic position at the meeting point of two oceans: Pacific Ocean and India Ocean. Secondly, thanks to its huge natural resources. After the Cold War, the competition of affection to South East Asia emerged, with desire to perform the increasing role and affection of some countries in the region, corresponding to the development of the economy as well potent of those countries.

South East Asia is still a bright spot in coming years, and is strongly turning not only because the relation between South East Asia and North - East Asia is being enhanced, but also for the dependence on each other is highly increasing, along with the meeting of West Pacific Ocean area and East India Ocean. Besides, there is a noticeable development in remarkable enhancement of cooperation and integration inside East Asia. In this context, South East Asia is still central to these developments under every circumstance, which is leaded by ASEAN. Consequently, India and Viet Nam, as traditionally attached countries, with big opportunities to promote bilateral relationship, at the same time contribute to regional stability. 

Dr. Panda, an Indian high-level specialist:

Viet Nam has a special position in India’s vision

India’s policies for promoting economic integration and political cooperation with Asia - Pacific countries occurred at the time of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA), with its name as Look East Policy. It was turned into Act East Policy by National Democratic Alliance (NDA) leaded by Prime Minister N. Modi.

The relationship between India and Asia - Pacific has a deeply rooted historical origin and has stepped to a new trend in strategy and economics in recent years, in order to meet the real fact of geo-politics in this area. According to the critics, the strategic geography linked bilateral and multilateral relations. India and Viet Nam totally belong to the strategic geographic factor, there in, main interests and values of the two countries match national sovereignty, territorial integrity and comprehensive growth policy for benefits of people.

The story of India – Viet Nam relationship development is most understanding in the context that Asia is becoming a motive of growth and economic recovery of the world. In the commitment of India to deepen their attachment with ASEAN, Viet Nam takes a special position in India’s diplomatic vision. Viet Nam also determined their special friendship with India. As a positive and liable member of ASEAN, Viet Nam is willing to pioneer in ASEAN – India partnership.


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