AIIB approves infra loans worth $1.5 billion to India
The AIIB will consider providing more funds for such projects next year, he added. Most of the funds for the energy sector will likely be dedicated to renewables.

Will exports remain India’s Achilles heel?
India has become a world leader in initiating action under anti-dumping measures.

Reserve Bank of India keeps repo rate at 6% on inflation fears
MUMBAI -- The Reserve Bank of India held the repo rate steady on Wednesday despite the government wanting it lowered, as retail inflation is close to the bank's upper limit.

Make for Bharat, Make in India
Budget expectations were clearly geared towards addressing rural constituency and the Budget did not disappoint in that context. While earlier governments’ focus has traditionally been on the inputs (fertiliser subsidy, electricity subsidy etc.), it was refreshing to see the focus of this government on the output from the farms.

Delhi Auto Expo 2018: Electric, hybrid vehicles main attraction this year
Delhi Auto Expo 2018: Automobile giants including Toyota, Hyundai, Tata Motors and Mahindra are all expected to present electric and hybrid vehicles. The push for emission-free vehicles is in line with the government's 'all-electric by 2032' objective.

7.5% growth in 2018-19; focus on jobs, farms, education: Survey
NEW DELHI: The Economic Survey released on Monday suggested that the Indian economy was in the pink of health, but was cautious about risk arising from persistent high crude oil prices or a sharp correction in stock markets over the medium term and from climate change over the long run. The warning on climate change was particularly alarming since it suggested that farm incomes could drop by as much as a quarter if global warming isn't checked in time.

India needs $4.5 tn for infrastructure
India will require investments of about $4.5 trillion by 2040 to develop infrastructure to improve economic growth and community well-being, according to the Economic Survey 2017-18.

WEF ranks India at 62nd place on Inclusive Development Index
India was on Monday ranked at the 62nd place among emerging economies on an Inclusive Development Index, much below China’s 26th position and Pakistan’s 47th.

China praises Modi's speech at Davos opposing protectionism
China on Wednesday welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech at Davos where he described protectionism as being "as dangerous as terrorism", and evinced interest in enhancing cooperation with India to strengthen the globalisation process.

India’s economy has serious upside, but a major investor still sees two big threats
Rising oil prices and hawkish policy from its central bank are the two biggest risks for India's economy in 2018, a financial expert told CNBC on Wednesday.