Why India is not part of the Belt and Road Initiative summit
India has stayed away from the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) summit which began in Beijing on Sunday, citing sovereignty, procedural and leadership issues. As many as 120 countries, including 29 at the top leadership level, attended the inaugural, underlining President Xi Jinping’s description of this being the “project of the century.”

Away from OBOR, India pushing for 'energy diplomacy' in neighbourhood
NEW DELHI: Away from the arc lights that accompany China's OBOR project, India has been quietly working on creating connectivity grids in its neighbourhood and moving beyond physical connectivity to energy as a tool of connectivity. From Indonesia to Mauritius, India is working on a web of energy relationships that seeks to leverage India's position as a big source of petroleum products, sharing of technology and building inter-dependencies. "We are trying to use energy as a means of diplomacy in a very different way, not only to find overseas sources of hydrocarbons," Dharmendra Pradhan, energy minister said to TOI.

Delhi, Tokyo, Canberra
They could build the first of multiple middle power coalitions for regional resilience in Trump’s world.

Ganges and Yamuna rivers granted same legal rights as human beings
Indian court cites the Whanganui in New Zealand as example for according status to two rivers considered sacred.

What is India’s “Cold Start” military doctrine?
Why is the chief of the army talking about its deterrence measures after years of official denials?

India’s young are fretting about their futures
India’s young people are the focus of many optimistic projections. Policymakers see them as a “demographic dividend” propelling India to superpower status. In boardrooms, young Indians are seen as the last big untapped market for everything from western fast fashion to alcoholic beverages.

This is why India started its own university ranking system
About a decade and a half ago, Chinese policy-makers were miffed that too few of their universities made it to the top hundreds in the world. They responded in inimitable Chinese style — starting a university rankings system of their own.

Japan-India Security Cooperation:  Building a Solid Foundation amid Uncertainty
In November 2016, Prime Ministers Shinzo Abe and Narendra Modi pledged to seek deeper bilateral cooperation and synergy between Japan’s “Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy” and India’s “Act East” policy. This reflects their mutual determination to strengthen the “Special Strategic and Global Partnership” in a “new era in Japan-India relations.”

Indian drug groups ramp up biosimilar bets
BANGALORE, India/NEW DELHI -- Indian pharmaceutical companies, which dominate the global generic drugs market, are gearing up for their next big opportunity -- developing an innovative class of complex drugs when the original products, with sales of up to $60 billion a year, go off patent in the advanced industrial economies.

Significance Of Emperor Akihito’s Visit To Vietnam – Analysis